Katie Clear Hey, I'm Katie. I'm a software developer at Shopify, and on the side I love helping people eat healthier, improve self-confidence, and eliminate stress in their lives.

What’s One Thing I Can Change to be Healthier?

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There are lots of great things you could do for you body everyday – physical activity, walking, socializing, getting enough sleep, and meditation to name a few. Unfortunately, it’s a busy world and a lot of people don’t have the time or energy to do everything right for their body and mind.

In my opinion, putting good food into your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself. A lot of the food we eat today is highly processed, calorie dense, and loaded with sugar and other artificial flavouring. A 20 year old that appears beautiful and youthful that only eats crap every meal is probably already experiencing bad physiological changes inside her body.

Not a lot of people pay attention to the nutrients that go into their bodies. When you eat a crappy meal, you might not notice anything right away. But as you continue these bad habits, a lot of bad stuff can happen – your body’s genetics become affected, your gut bacteria changes, and you’ll have build up in your arteries and around your organs.

It’s a common belief that heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and other devastating illnesses are purely because of our genetics. Sure, genetics is part of it – but your eating habits play a huge role in giving you the disease too. If your Dad ate certain foods and got cancer, it’s likely you ate similar foods growing up and continued some of these eating habits into adulthood. You’re pre-disposing yourself to the same cancers that were already in your family. All because of the food you eat.

If you’re going to put some time into doing one good thing for your body, I recommend choosing better food for yourself. I’m not saying you have to go vegan or eat kale salad, but making small differences in your diet can actually change how you feel. When I work to cut sugar out of my diet, I notice that my acne clears up, I don’t crave buying chocolate in the grocery store anymore, and I feel less anxious throughout the day. As I added more vegetables to my diet, I noticed my hair and nails got stronger, I generally felt better, and I actually had more energy. My body was getting the nutrients it needed!

It’s hard to change your eating habits. But, it helps if you involve other people like your family. If you spend the time to make a beautiful homemade meal, not only is your body going to benefit, but the bodies of your children are going to be benefit too.

When you eat a diet high in carbohydrates, you’re eating a lot of calorie-dense food that lack vitamins and essential nutrients. Your body will use the carbs as quick energy and store the rest. However, your body will still be hungry because it’s begging you to eat the nutrients it requires to function.

If you start filling your diet with more vegetables, your body will function better and you’ll feel fuller longer. And vegetables are extremely low in calories – so, even if you never want to exercise, you can still lose weight.

Don’t worry, you can still eat carbs. Carbohydrates are actually an essential macronutrient for your body and our number one source of energy! You should get over 60% of your calories from carbs throughout the day.

So, how do you start to make these small changes? I like to think of each day as a new opportunity to improve myself by 0.01%. Tomorrow, eat a fruit or prepare a small salad. The next day, eat two fruits and a salad. Humans are very habitual, so it may take you weeks to change your eating habits. I like to eat similar meals each day. Then, I don’t have to waste energy thinking about what I should eat. I already know what I’m going to have for lunch, so I can just make it. And, keeping a consistent meal plan can make your weekly groceries really simple.

For busy people that work and have families, maybe you don’t have a lot of time to cook and go out a lot. But there’s no such thing as not having enough time. If you really want to change something about your life, you’ll make the time. Imagine how much more time you would have during the week if you didn’t go on your phone or watch TV for an hour everyday. I like to do meal prep on the weekend. Just set out five containers, make a large portion of food, and pre-pack all of your lunches for the week.

Katie Clear Hey, I'm Katie. I'm a software developer at Shopify, and on the side I love helping people eat healthier, improve self-confidence, and eliminate stress in their lives.

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