Katie Clear

  Hey, I'm Katie. I'm a software developer at Shopify, and on the side I love helping people eat healthier, improve self-confidence, and eliminate stress in their lives.


14 Stories by Katie Clear

Avoid Back Pain at Your Desk

Before I learned about posture and stress, I would be sore by the time lunch kicked around at work. My shoulders and lower back...
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Eliminate Stress in Everyday Life

A lot of courses, books, and videos exist out there that give you methods of coping with everyday stress. I don’t think this is...
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How to Reset From Stress

When you get stressed, it’s helpful to have a chance at pressing a “reset” button. It’s proven that you’ll actually be more productive if...
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I’m Stressed at Work

Stress at work sucks, but pretty much everyone will experience it at some point in life. Although there are obvious things that can make...
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